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Emailing Your Team Members to Access Vista On Demand

If you have any problems accessing our video platform, please email us at or 

Below is the suggested wording you can send to your team members.

Be sure to enter your username (your email address) and the password you just created.

Simply copy the text below, and paste it into a new email. All the links to the videos should work once you paste them into your email. If you would prefer to send the links as an attached file, download this file and attach it to your email.

Subject: Access to Vista’s November Schools Video Recordings


Hello Team,

I am excited to share a continuing education resource with you! Please find instructions below to access recordings from the recent Vista Schools event. This event provided in depth training on Intake, Case Management, Leadership, and Human Resources. This is a great resource for our firm, and I hope you will find some helpful tips and suggestions. Vista is giving us access to 30 videos from each day of the schools. Our firm has 30 days to watch these videos (until January 9), so please take advantage of them now. We can only have 3 people logged in at any given time, so if we need to schedule internal watching sessions, let me know.


  1. Go to:

  2. On the top right corner, click on “Sign In”

  3. Enter our firm username, which is my email address: ________← enter your email address here

  4. Enter the password, which is this one: ________________ ← enter the password you created

  5. That’s it. You’ll see all the videos! 

  6. Remember:

    1. Do not screen capture any of the videos. That is our agreement with Vista for access.

    2. Do not share this login information with anyone outside the firm.

    3. If you have problems accessing this, let me know.




  1. Session 1 - Intake Terminology: Click

  2. Session 2 - Intake Flow: Click

  3. Session 3 - Intake Screening: Click

  4. Session 4 - Alert Communications (Sponsor): Click

  5. Session 5 - Chasing Leads Drip Campaign: Click

  6. Session 6 - Intake Sign Up Process: Click

  7. Session 7 - Referrals & Rejecting Leads: Click

  8. Session 8 - Intake Training & Coaching: Click

  9. Session 9 - Collecting & Measuring Data: Click

  10. Session 10 - Transition from Intake to Case Management: Click

  11. Session 11 - Intake Roundtable: Click



  1. Session 12 - Case Management & Setting Expectations: Click

  2. Session 13 - Data Integrity: Click

  3. Session 14 - Medical Treatment Coordination & Client Journaling: Click

  4. Session 15 - Client Contact & File Review: Click

  5. Session 16 - SmartAdvocate (Sponsor): Click

  6. Session 17 - Record Requests: Click

  7. Session 18 - Workflow Efficiencies for Each Case Management Phase: Click

  8. Session 19 - Internal Marketing & Referrals: Click

  9. Session 20 - Pre-Litigation to Litigation Transition: Click



  1. Session 21 - Managing High Performing Remote-Hybrid Teams: Click

  2. Session 22 - Building an Effective Recruitment Process: Click

  3. Session 23 - Using TTE to Onboard & Develop Teams: Click

  4. Session 24 - ZipLiens (Sponsor): Click

  5. Session 25 - Anatomy of a Background Check: Click

  6. Session 26 - HR in the News: Click

  7. Session 27 - The 5 Characteristics of Good Candidates: Click

  8. Session 28 -  The Importance of Vision: Click

  9. Session 29 - Vista Online Resources: Click

  10. Session 30 - Leadership & HR Roundtable Discussion: Click


Thank you,


Your Name